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Over 11 years of experience in UI/UX Design, Web development, Web design and Mobile app development


Customer centricity

Our solutions are crafted to the unique strategic, operational and financial requirements of our customers


Problem solvers

We focus on turning your idea into a meaningful digital product that will help you achieve your goal. You can rely on our advice, responsiveness and all-in approach


UI/UX Design Thinking

We are passionate about designing products and services that deliver most enjoyable user experience.


Focused technology capabilities

Web - react, angular, vue JS, python, UX; Mobile - Flutter, React Native, Swift; Cloud - GCP/AWS


Quality & Operability

We follow enterprise level best practices to deliver solutions. We obsess about quality and operability in deliverables

About Us

2020 is our 11th year in business. It was 2009 when we started off as a bootstrapped iPhone app development company in Bangalore, India. Over the years we have added new engineers, designers and skills to our repertoire. We have learnt as an organization to be totally customer focussed and be prepared for market changes and customer expectations.

Backed by experience, we have developed into a remote digital product studio specialized in mobile, web and cloud technologies. We have worked with clients all over the world and hundreds of projects. Our longevity and endurance gives us the strength to learn from and overcome challenges

Post covid environment poses the greatest challenge to businesses and teams. Our designers and engineers work remote and are always available. We are ready and have adapted to new changes to add value to our customers

We derive our strength from

01 A team of some of the smartest and experienced mobile app developers

02 Experience of 10+ years in the app and web application development

03 Successful delivery of more than 100 Android & iOS apps

04 Strong UX (User Experience) team with expertise in designing an interface which is easy and intuitive even for the novice users.

05 Expertise in user-centric design principles with adept technological skills in mobile application development

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Mobile apps | Web apps | Cloud services | UX Design

We plan, develop, design, optimise digital products and provide continuous support
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We are proficient in these technologies at Tritone Tech


Sartorius Capgemini UK CVN GEP Bigtincan Zintech Tablish Ltd.

Have worked with Tritone Tech on a number of projects and would highly recommend their services. Tritone team always provide quality service have excellent technical knowledge

Andy Anderson

Team Tritone Tech is a very professional outfit that I like to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable about Mobile applications and development. They are customer-centric and very very helpful. I would definitely encourage you to consider Tritone Tech a business partner.

Tony Printemps
CEO, Helios Technology Solutions, Mauritius

I am glad that we chose Tritone Tech as my Web and Mobile solution provider. They are hardworking and innovative people with focus on providing good experience to the customers. We were very pleased with their ability to turn our idea into a reality..

Malur Sudhanva
Chair of the Panel of Examiners – Virology. at Royal College of Pathologists

Working with Tritone Tech has been a simple process from start to finish of the project. The quality of their work is first class, deadlines are met and communications are excellent

Matt Satchell

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Transforming ideas into reality

We are a distributed digital product studio. We work remote and are always online. Contact us via email, social media or just drop us a message. We are happy to help

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